EasyWP Review – Speed, Uptime & Load Test (2020)

Namecheap is one of the best platforms for domain registration. They provide domains at affordable prices along with many services.

Namecheap has hosting services too & one of them is EasyWP Hosting. It is Managed WordPress Hosting.

If you are looking to buy one of the EasyWp plans, here is EasyWP Review for you to help you decide whether to buy or not.

EasyWP Review

I bought & tested all the 3 plans. The results are here. Keep reading.

Let’s see what these plans provide, their pricing.

If you want help regarding domain names, SSL installation, check their knowledge base.

Now, take a look at the test results.

Starter Plan

SSD Storage10 GB
Visitors/month50K (50,000)
CPU Limit0.5
Free CDNNo
Free SSL CertificateNo
Price$3.88/month OR $22.88/yr


As you can see, the uptime is 99.978% for the last 30 days. The response time is quite stable. But, there is a downtime of 6 min which is not good.

easywp starter plan uptime


A simple WordPress website loaded in just 0.9 sec. With the inbuilt cache system, this speed is achieved.

easywp starter speed

Response Time

The response time is good in the U.S region. If your audience is from India, you need to think as the response time is highest in this region.

easywp starter response time

Load Test

I sent 50 virtual users & the server handled it easily. The response timeline is much stable which is a good thing.

starter load test

Overall, it can handle much traffic & about 50 users at a time.

Turbo Plan

SSD Storage50GB
Visitors/month200K (200,000)
Free CDNYes
Free SSL CertificateYes
Price*$7.88/month OR $26.88/yr


The uptime for this plan is 99.986% for the last 30 days. But, there is a downtime of 5 min which is not good. The response time is also stable with just one spike.

easywp turbo uptime


The default WordPress installation loaded in just 0.8 sec (with a difference of 0.1 sec compared to Starter Plan).

easywp turbo speed

Response Time

The response time is somewhat the same as that of the Starter Plan. Overall, it got an A+ performance.

easywp turbo response time

Load Test

It handled 50 virtual users easily with the stable response time. There are 0 HTTP failures.

easywp turbo load test

Supersonic Plan

SSD Storage100 GB
Visitors/month500K (500,000)
RAM1152 MB
Free CDNYes
Free SSL CertificateYes
Price*$11.88/month OR $28.88/yr


The uptime is 99.98% for the last 30 days. There are some spikes in the response time which is not good. There is a 6 min downtime.

easywp supersonic uptime


The default installation loaded in just 0.8 sec (which is more than the Supersonic plan). The speed depends on various factors. That’s why there’s some difference.

supersonic speed

Response Time

The response time is somewhat the same as that of the above plans. Performance is A+.

supersonic response time

Load Test

It handled 50 users with a stable response timeline.

supersonic load test

EasyWP Features

Lets take a look at some of EasyWP’s features & limitations.

Easy Backups

It’s very easy to take a backup of your website. Just head over to the Backups tab, name your backup & click on ‘Create Backup’. That’s it.

easywp backup

Note – You have to manually take backup. EasyWP doesn’t provide automated backups.

Good Support

They provide live chat support which is quite good. I tried their live chat & got a reply within 30 sec. Pretty quick right?

easywp support live chat

EasyWP Cache

They provide their own cache plugin that is already installed in the WordPress installation.

It has three levels of advanced caching (Varnish, Opcache, Redis object cache), delivering much faster performance than many of the traditional WordPress caching plugins.


  • There are some limitations or cons that are listed below.
  • Since it has a built-in cache, you can’t install some plugins. Check the full list here.
  • No free E-mail is provided. You have to buy separately (with a 30% discount).
  • One WordPress installation per one plan.
  • Its free CDN includes basic DDoS protection, custom SSL upload, and a traffic limit of 50GB/mo.

Do I recommend EasyWP?

Yes, but just for people who have a low budget as the pricing is low compared to other Managed hosting providers.

The platform is not fully developed & is lacking some features. Uptime could be better. I hope they will improve their platform in the future.


That’s it. As the name suggests ‘Easy’WP, installing WordPress, taking backup, accessing files is easy. Still, it lacks some features.

This was an honest EasyWP review with the test results. The performance is excellent but it falls back for uptime. It needs to work on its uptime.

If you are looking for affordable managed WordPress hosting, go with EasyWP. But take care of their limitations.

Good Luck!

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  1. Thank you for the detailed review!

    EasyWP continues to grow and evolve. We agree with you that the backup interface could be improved and this is currently in the works. We’re also constantly working on and improving our dashboard and our wizard to bring new functionality and more features.

    Just a couple of comments;

    – The uptime is good and I’d suggest that just a 5 min downtime could be a failure of the checking service (assuming it checks once per 5 minutes). Either way, 99.98% is a solid level of uptime

    – Our Cloud is based in the US. We’d suggest you enable the free CDN to better serve your users in India

    – You could have thrown many more virtual users to the service and we’d have handled it well. We can handle significant traffic, particularly on Turbo/Supersonic plans

    Let us know if you’d like to be a future beta tester!

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