Email marketing is a channelized means used for engaging prospective as well as present customers. A lot of Internet Marketers use email service to convey about their product and service information and also to let people know about the new offers or deals on a timely basis to create a brand image.

When prospective customers are converted into real customers, these marketers will be able to stay in touch with them via email marketing, which helps in providing them some valuable information. This in turn helps business owners to earn the trust of the customers, which will also help them keep the business on top of their minds.

There are certain email marketing practices, which the marketing team in your business can use in order to generate more leads and customers. Here are a few methods.

By using certain best practices, your digital marketing team should be able to make good use of email marketing as a weapon in order to generate more leads and customers. Mentioned below are a few of them:

1. Personal Touch Is Important

A personal touch is very important in order to get attention and trigger a chord with the readers. An Internet Marketer should make sure he makes the reader feel like the mail was intended to him personally by mentioning the reader’s name in the subject line. By using their name, it lets the customers know that they are viewed as real people with needs and expectations; they will feel important and involved.

2. Subject Line Is the Key

It is very important to have an eye captivating subject line in your email. It should be like a teaser for the main content that is to follow. Try creating the maximum impact with the subject line or the first few lines by giving out the most important information. This will definitely help because marketers tend to have very little time to communicate the value to the reader before he moves on to read the next mail.

The first line also appears as a preview text on most email platforms; therefore ensure to give the best title by keeping it interesting so that readers get the message even before they read it completely.

Try to keep the subject line as short as possible. Marketers should ideally aim to keep the subject lines between five and ten words. More importantly, the subject should act as a teaser for the main content. If readers find the subject line interesting, they will surely read the entire mail. The main focus should be on ensuring that each word that is used plays a big part in communicating the message.

3. Schedule Your Emails Rightly

Imagine this – you spend so many hours together drafting an interesting subject line, by creating good content and also targeting your readers. After everything, you realize that your readers are not even opening your mails, but are sending them to trash instead. How bad does that sound? One of the important things to keep in mind when you are mailing your readers is the time at which you send your mails; the time is an important factor.

Yes, you heard it right. You need to send your emails at the right time, so scheduling your emails is a very important task. Generally, Friday to Monday is not the right time to send emails to people as most of them will have other plans for the weekend and would hardly read their mails. Scheduling and sending your emails between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will yield better results. More often, people spend time reading emails during these days more than the rest of the weekend.

4. Clarity in Your Mails Are Important along with Value Adds

There is a big difference between getting the readers to open your mail, and getting them to understand your content. If the content is not clear, then be sure that the readers will not understand, even if the title is attractive and the mail was scheduled rightly.

Be real with the content, and try to make it more valuable. Always remember, readers love it when they can learn something, so give them some nice information. Avoid sending multiple emails on the same day and bringing down your brand image; if you do so, the readers will mark your emails as spam.

5. Keep Mobile Users in Mind

Times have changed in the world of technology and a vast majority of people are using hi-tech smartphones these days. Most of these readers you are targeting will most likely read their mails using their smartphones. Therefore, keep this in mind while drafting emails. Your mails should be mobile friendly and the users should be able to read all your emails without any hassle and should be able to click all the URLs or links that you provide in the mails with ease.

6. Analyze and Measure Results

It is very important to constantly test and analyze if you want to know what impact your emails are creating among your readers. A lot of marketers use the A/B testing strategy to enhance their email marketing campaigns. By doing this, you will be able to figure out what kind of subject lines get the maximum open rates. Every aspect of the email marketing campaign has to be analyzed and improvised after testing them on a timely basis.

7. Content Should Be Shareable

One secret weapon that can bring more success to your email marketing campaign is the ‘Share’ option. Place it in such a way that it helps you in expanding your email list. A ‘Share’ button can be placed on your mails; if the content is really interesting, then the readers will definitely share them in their network; thereby your mail reaches many more readers, which will help you build a bigger email list. This is a very good strategy to increase your customer base.

If done rightly, email marketing can turn out to be a wonderful weapon for internet marketers. The above-mentioned strategies or methods will help you to a great extent in getting more customers to your business.