Market, Marketing and Marketers – the qualitative improvement of all of these partly define the success of a business. Markets keep evolving with constant increase in consumer expectations, which keeps creating an absolute and constant need for the evolution of marketing strategies and marketers.

In the highly competitive and ever-expanding vertical of Inbound Marketing, marketing professionals today are just wondering how they can give themselves an edge and keep track of what are the latest marketing trends from which they can achieve more efficient results.

Here arises a question. Are you wondering what the question is?

What is the key to improve your Inbound Marketing and achieve the most efficient results?

The answer is “Marketing Automation”. Investing in Marketing Automation has always reaped out the best results for most of the organizations then and continues even now.

So, how often do you plan on automating your marketing strategies and making them better day after day?

Unlike the other offline marketing strategies, most of the marketers and organizations execute, Marketing Automation has the ability to give the finest impact for your content, enhancing the opportunity of achieving quality lead generation and chances of better conversion rate followed by better customer retention rate and the best customer experience. These factors stand out to be the most important ones for your brand’s success.

With this little bit of knowledge, this article will take you through the focus areas of the best marketing automation strategies, which will help you achieve a better ROI out of your Inbound marketing, if planned well and executed smartly. We will also discuss about few widely used automation platforms, which will directly help you increase your ROI.

1. Generate Leads Smartly

The first best impression is what will let your target user decide if he/ she would want to share their information with you. Have a clean, neat, and a beautiful landing page for the place where you intend to generate a lead with an interesting lead generation technique expecting crisp information from the user. Once you have generated the lead, automate the system in such a way that it redirects the user to provide an interesting overview of the product/ service.

A lot of irrelevant questions will lead to the loss of the lead. Marketing automation empowers you to automatically remove the fields acquired without bombarding the user with unnecessary questions.

2. Build a Lead Profiling

Marketing automation gives you a deep understanding of doing a lead scoring and profiling, which helps you analyze if the lead is relevant to be passed on to the sales team. Lead scoring and profiling also help you understand the strength of the lead and the readiness or the interest level to talk to the sales representative.

Lead profiling helps you and your sales team understand if the sales representative will have to spend time with a purchase-ready mentality, significantly increasing the conversion rate for the sales team. Further, the marketing qualified leads will help the marketing team to work on the marketing strategies to convert them to a sales-ready mentality.

3. Educating the Prospects

Marketing automation helps you build automated email campaigns and nurture the leads with a proper product/ service information. Campaigns are usually done with promotional offers, free product demos, and fun activities, which help the marketing team to build a proper lead score and strengthen the profiling of the lead, which contributes to the overall quality of the brand.

4. Make Your Prospect Feel Special

Have you ever given importance to any content, which is not personalized to your needs and expectations? The common answer stands out to be ‘no’! The lead score helps you understand the needs of the prospect. Build a personalized and tailored content to reach out to your prospect. This leads to an increase in the conversion rate. Tools like Hubspot allow you to build tailored content to your users’ expectations. Leverage the best out of the marketing automation tools like these.

5. Potential of Marketing Activities

Compare the businesses doing marketing automation with those who aren’t. The efficiency and conversion rate of those automating marketing will be much higher over those who aren’t. Basically, it helps you increase your potential and capacity of doing marketing activities. Wondering what that means? It helps you run multiple campaigns at the same time, reach out to more people with less effort, leverage the best out of the promotional activities you do,  convert more sales-ready leads and definitely build a better brand image with optimum efforts.

6. Data Management

Managing data efficiently is equally important to collect it. Marketing automation helps you organize and store your data efficiently, which reduces your time and effort in understanding how and where it is to be used.  It helps you tailor your marketing activities, analyze data and trends, and make holistic marketing decisions.

In addition to all of the data you can gather from marketing automation, don’t forget to get feedback from the sales team. The sales reps are in contact with your business’ qualified leads; make sure the marketing team is receiving feedback from the sales reps regarding their conversations with these prospects.

This feedback from the sales team will help the marketing team ensure that lead scoring and profiling is working effectively in addition to addressing the common questions on the website and in the lead nurturing email to help shorten the sales cycle and make it easier on the sales team.

What Can You Achieve with Marketing Automation?

Here’s what marketing automation helps you with:

  • Enables you to obtain additional information pertaining to leads to shorten the sales cycle and reduce the cost of acquisition.
  • It allows you to limit the number of leads that are shared with the sales team.
  • Automated emails are being sent every day to different lists of prospects even before the sales representative’s efforts
  • Increase in the number of visitors to your website and better result with a personalized experience.
  • Ability to do more marketing in less time